Mobile check deposit

Enable real-time mobile deposit with the mobile-friendly features of CheckUltra.

CheckUltra is a check recognition SDK providing a unique blend of high read rates for CAR/LAR/MICR along with CAR/LAR mismatch detection, as well as key usability analysis identifying presence or absence of backside endorsement and date. CheckUltra is especially designed for applications that require superior accuracy such as Merchant RDC, Mobile and ATM capture.

Superior blend of capabilities for remote deposit

Combines high read rates with key remote deposit capabilities including endorsement and date detection.

Improve recognition results of MICR line

CheckUltra optical recognition results are at least on par with, if not higher than, the results of magnetic readers, for those applications where a magnetic reader is not available.

Recognizes Errors Between CAR and LAR

Detects mismatches between the check amount written in numbers (courtesy amount) and letters (legal amount) and reports if the results are different.